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Xiaomi, legal complaint against the US’s

The Xiaomi Corp. Chinese phone company, has filed a legal complaint against the United States Department of Defense and Treasury for its inclusion in the list of companies affiliated with the Chinese military.

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According to Reuters, the company has filed a lawsuit in a Washington district court against the U.S. Department of Defense and Treasury, seeking the removal of the Chinese smartphone maker from the official list of companies affiliated with the Chinese military.

The Department of Defense and Treasury in mid-January added Xiaomi and eight other companies to the list, urging U.S. investors to relocate their properties within a specified timeframe.

Xiaomi has considered the US decision to include the company in the “Chinese Communist Army Company” group incorrect, asking judges to declare the decision illegal.

According to Reuters news agency, Xiaomi has reported that 75% of voting rights in the company were held by co-founders Lin Bin and Lei Jun, without any ownership or control by individuals or entities affiliated with the military.



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