Lit.It Earn Crypto Web3 Watching or Posting Video

Earn Cryptocurrency Watching or Posting Videos. Social LIT token or NFT Videos, Music, NFT, Images. Use with: Android, iOS, NFT marketplace. Hey, I earn social rewards by watching viral videos. No money investment is ever needed. You can start earning too, join now by clicking this link

Lit.It Earn Crypto Web3 Watching or Posting Video

Social mining LIT.IT social token is Web 3.0 short video, music and NFT platform where creators and users are rewarded for activity on the app through the concept of “Social Mining” join

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How to Make LIT Token on Social Site:

1. Create your account on the app >> <<
2. Upload your content from other social media
3. Start getting monetized onblockchain in LITIT tokens

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How mining works

1. LIT points
Users get a predetermined number of LIT points for performing various types of social and entertaining activity on the app. Users can also directly reward each other for their content and active participation.

2. Conversion rate
LIT points are convertible through ‘Social Mining’ to Solana based LITIT tokens. The conversion rate from LIT points to LITIT tokens is increasing after every transaction on as it is getting harder to mine LITIT tokens.

3. LITIT total supply
There is a limited supply of 900M LITIT tokens. As the community grows, the conversion rate from LIT points to LITIT tokens will increase and it will be getting harder to mine LITIT tokens. Over time, as the supply of the token will become more scarce, we expect that the value of LITIT tokens will increase.

room lit token mobile app Get LITIT tokens without investing money. users earn LITIT tokens viewing content & creators earn LITIT from these views. NFT galleries Convert your Video/Music to NFT & protect your rights. Buy NFT or become a creator on NFT marketplace. has a decentralized community, it’s users can vote on development roadmap >> <<



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