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Fenerbahçe Token White Paper has been published

Fenerbahce made a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform after the ‘Token’ agreement with Paribu: At least 175 million TL of revenue was generated.

Fenerbahçe Token White Paper has been published

Fenerbahçe became the first club in Turkey to write its own Token. 30 seconds after the crypto asset system, defined as “Fenerbahçe Token”, was activated, the club earned 15 million TL.

The pre-sale of Fenerbahçe Token has started. Paribu also published the White Paper on the project site. Here are all the remarkable details from the White Paper

Fenerbahce Token Supply Amount

The maximum supply of Fenerbahçe Token is limited to 190,700,000 units. The entire supply is included in circulation
There will be no new Fenerbahce Token production after it is issued.

Distribution of Supply

117,000,000 Fenerbahçe Token crypto assets, which correspond to 61.35% of the total supply of Fenerbahçe Token, will be transferred to the treasury,
26,000,000 cryptoassets, corresponding to 13.63%, were allocated to marketing, and 19,070,000 cryptoassets, corresponding to 10%, were allocated to technology.

The portion corresponding to 15% of the total fan token supply will be sold through private and pre-sales, and the remaining treasury tokens will be created with a lock mechanism spread over 25 years, and marketing and technology tokens will be created with a lock mechanism spread over 4 years.

How and How the Supply Will Be in the Market

The number of tokens allocated to the treasury and created in the next 25 years is 117,000,000. These tokens are encoded on the smart contract to be created in equal numbers in April of each year.

The number of tokens allocated to marketing is 26,000,000. These tokens will be minted in 48 equal parts, with the final tranche being created in December 2025.

This mechanism is also designed as an automated process on the Fenerbahçe Token smart contract.
19,700,000 tokens corresponding to 10% of the maximum supply as a percentage will also be created in 48 equal distributions, with the final tokens being created in December 2025, as well as for marketing.

On the day the Fenerbahçe Token smart contract goes live on the Ethereum mainnet, 28,630,000 tokens will be created in the token smart contract.

The lock mechanisms in the created tokens will operate with the locking mechanisms applied over the transfer function in the wallets they are created.

By the end of 2025, after all of the tokens allocated to marketing and technology are in circulation, they will only be unlocked until 2046. Will continue to be opened, the tokens allocated to the treasury will remain. However, when the time comes, the creation of these tokens will be allowed to be minted by the Fenerbahçe Token smart contract and will be completed in 2046.

Total number of tokens which will be 92,420,000 without including possible burns by the end of 2025, up to a maximum of 190,700,000 by 2046 will be able to reach. This structure means that between 2026 and 2046, the token inflation will decrease from a maximum of 5.06% to 2.52%, and then Fenerbahçe Token will have 0% inflation.


Token burning is defined as the removal of an amount of a token from circulation by sending it to an irreversible address. Crypto assets once removed from circulation can never be brought back.

There are special crypto asset addresses called “eater addresses” in order to prevent the reuse of these crypto assets and to remove them from circulation completely. These addresses, whose private keys are unknown, cannot be reached for the recovery of crypto assets.

Token burnings are a functional contribution of smart contracts. Therefore, burning transactions can only be made with crypto assets. Money
It is not possible to carry out a similar transaction in the markets.

As a result of token burning processes to be decided by Fenerbahçe Sports Club; The number of Fenerbahçe Tokens can be as low as 100 million.


The benefits that Fenerbahçe Token holders can benefit from are given below. Fenerbahce Token
Fenerbahçe Token is not required to be presented to its holders all the time or simultaneously, among the options listed below.

The right to determine the benefits to be enjoyed by the owners belongs entirely to the Club.

The club may change the benefits to be enjoyed by Fenerbahçe Token holders from time to time, provided that they are among the options listed below. While the club does not make any commitments, it will make every effort to provide the benefits set out below, but not limited to those below, to Fenerbahçe Token holders. The value of the benefits to be provided by the Club will not be evaluated economically, and the Club has no commitment to provide economic benefits.



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