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Anantapur History & Sightseeing Places

There is a story everywhere and in the area. The comparable applies to Anantapur, the greatest zone in Andhra Pradesh. There are various recorded tourist spots in the enveloping domain. Surely, even today, it really expects a huge part from different perspectives. It is standard for the silk trade. In this article we study the places to get-away in Anantapur. Scrutinize on to discover extra.


Gangari is another name for Pinoconda. For sure, Pinocoda is a fortification worked by Vera Virubana. It is around 70 km from Anantapur and is very standard for surprising models and underlying brilliance.

This fortress is home to various asylums. Babia Darga and Gagan Palace Shop are two of the most notable attractions of this fortress. The recently was certain 1575 and discusses the way of life of King Krishna Devanaya.

Fortification Ravadorg Gotti

Fortification Ravadurg Gotti was characteristic the seventh century. It is an ideal representation of the shocking plan of the past. In Andhra Pradesh, Fort Gotti is on the overview of the most settled mountain fortresses. Worked at a stature of about 300m, it is home to around 50 fortifications. Hence, he is known as the “Leader of the Strong”.

(Haidar Ali) later got the fortification, after the pulverization of Tebo Sultan, came into British position. You can get an astounding viewpoint on the grounds underneath through a suite moreover.

Timama Marimanu

Beside the other person who does wonders, Anantapur is home to one of nature’s most essential mother contemplates. Timama Marimanu is one of them and the most prepared Banyan tree in southern India. It is arranged around 100 kilometers from Anantapur and covers around 5 hectares of land with its branches.

In fact, Timama was a woman who offered her life to become sati after the death of her life partner. The ousted acknowledge that they will get a chance to have a child in the wake of visiting this tree.

Dharmavaram IV

Dharmavaram is popular for silk and sari cotton. Anantapur is 28.6 miles away. Silk sararies are moreover exchanged to Germany, France and various countries around the world. You can locate the compositional significance of this spot in the Temple of Ramalinisoara and the Sri Lakshmi Shinakusava Swam Temple.

Believe it or not, these two asylum areas and figures have inconceivably cut. Conveying notes are passed on of the segments.

Hemavati V

Hismavati is critical in history as an old spot. In the 10th century it was the capital of the leaders of Balava. In Andhra Pradesh it is likely the most settled post.

Thus, it was an introduction to the recorded setting of Anantapur and presumably the most notable spots that are imperative from a traveler point of view. I believe you value examining this post. You can visit Anantapur if you like.

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